Premium Urban Clothing Boutique

About Us

Dougee'$ is a new boutique with a fresh outlook on contemporay urban fashion. We cater to trendsetters who have an attention to detail. We purchase most of our products to color match preimum shoe releases, play-offs and current seasonal color trends. Consistantly adding to our inventory, our plan is to become a household name for urban fashion.

By traveling to many major clothing conventions and dealing directly with premier clothing manufactures; we ensure quality and authenticity of our products. We order in limited quantities to maintain a level of local exclusivity, allowing you to stand out in a crowd. Come in-- get Dougee!

Note: We refuse to carry or endorse knockoff products. We welcome anyone who wants to check our disrubutor status with any of the brands that we carry. Basically, if you don't believe our stuff is authentic... call the manufacturers directly and ask them about Dougee'$ LLC egilibity to retail their products. They will tell you.