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​​​Who are we?

Dougee'$ is a new boutique with a fresh outlook on contemporary urban fashion. We cater to trendsetters who have an attention to detail. We purchase most of our products to color match premium shoe releases, play-offs and current seasonal color trends. Consistently adding to our inventory, our plan is to become a household name for urban fashion.

By traveling to many major clothing conventions and dealing directly with premier clothing manufactures; we ensure quality and authenticity of our products. We order in limited quantities to maintain a level of local exclusivity, allowing you to stand out in a crowd.

Providing cutting edge fashion labels like: Robin's Jeans, Rock Revival, Akoo, Damati, Hustle Gang, New Era, Spraygound, Play Cloths, A. Tiaziano, and many-- MANY more!

Coming soon: Timberland, Levi & Mitchell & Ness

Come see us and get Dougee!

  1. Jamie
    As the owner and proprietor of Dougee'$, it's my job to know what's hot and what's not. I spend countless hours traveling the US to bring big city fashion to small town America.
  2. Kimo
    My job as the Head Consultant is to handle all the technical aspects of the business. Bringing over 20 years worth of retail experience to the table, to provide Dougee'$ customers with the best shopping experience.
  3. The Team
    Our business network is rather extensive. Far too many people to thank for making Dougee'$ possible on a daily basis! You all know who you are! And we thank you every day!

​​​Current Lineup

​​Brands We Carry

Robin's Jeans Collection
Rock Revival Collection
Damati Jeans Collection
Robin's Jean brand is renowned for it's biker-chic aesthetic and innovative denim washes. Great attention is taken with each detail from hand embroidery to crystal studding and leather applique.

Robin's Jean is sought after by a cult-like following of celebrities, fashion stylists, and urban-trendsetters whose work and play blend effortlessly.
Established in 2005 and based in los angeles, Rock Revival outfits the men and women of today – The new rebels – Who forge a path of their own. Rock and roll is the steady heartbeat that pulses in the background of society’s evolution, constant in its mission to inspire.

Rock Revival denim boasts impeccable fit, innovative wash treatments and superior denim quality. Details such as flowing stitch lines, back pocket reverse fleur de lis and hardware create a unique blend of rocker aesthetic. A brand that sets itself apart from the rest.

Designed To Perfection. Inspired By Direction. We Glorify Your Status & Elevate Your Ranks.
A. Tiziano Collection
Play Cloths Collection
Hustle Gang Collection
A.Tiziano originated as an urban mens collection in the genre of the Hip Hop style.
We’re true to our original design but we’ve stepped it up a notch.

A.Tiziano speaks to a more polished guy. The result is a contemporary premium menswear collection designed for men of exceptional style, character and creativity.

Carefully crafted and stylized around premium denim, the A.Tiziano collection is fresh and modern, yet timeless and classy. Our twist is hinged on the use of color
in combination with premium fabrics and materials, meticulous attention to detail and unique diverse style.
Play Cloths is a progressive Streetwear brand with a focus on the creation of high quality garments adaptable to any lifestyle.

Inspired by the nostalgia of designated attire for after-school recreation, Play Cloths features apparel and accessories influenced by the juxtaposition of high-end fashion, art and street culture. Utilizing bold graphics and a variation of creative influences, Play Cloths embraces individuality without sacrificing quality or style.

Hustle Gang is a mass market streetwear brand. As we transform and mold the looks of street fashion into the wider market, we keep our eye on the street style perspective.

Real streetwear is edgy and brash in its terminology and word play as well as in its graphic language. This style can be sometimes rude and off putting but that's also what makes it street. Deeply speaking in the twisted tongue of slang, closer to the trend turns as expressed in the industry. Hustle Gang Block By Block

... and many, many more!


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